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We sat in our offices every day, disappointed and frustrated with the lack of lead transparency for insurance agents. In other words, we could not look at the leads until after we paid for them. We never knew what time they arrived or if the customer wanted to talk to us. We wasted so much time and money returning terrible leads. When we did finally get a good lead, we would call the client, only to hear they were already talking to 10 other agents. I would say, "How? We just received your lead 5 minutes ago." They would say, "well, actually, I filled out the application online two days ago." For the record, we spent more time getting rejected than actually closing deals. This is why we created linqrs Pro. 

Then, we soon realized, we better create a product for the consumers as well. What consumers have to go through to get insurance is not an easy process. Their information get exposed all over the internet, they get 30 different calls from random agents, and they overpay for insurance a lot. So, we combined a conglomerate of services from one central location. 


Good things happen when people are happy. If you are like most, having more time for friends, family, and the simple things in life contribute to that happiness. Opportunities appear, open up, and become a reality. What started as a way to help busy people find insurance faster and easier,  has inspired us to do more.   



In addition to helping you connect to the best insurance providers for great rates and service, we offer a transparent process so that you can know a little back history on each of the insurance providers in terms of experience. This gives you a way to always be happy with your choice of a professional in hopes to building long-lasting relationships that start with positive energy. We are also leveling the playing field so that even the smallest of agencies have a fair shot at success.  


Whether you are using linqrs to find insurance through agents or to compare prices, your contact information is essential. We are committed to doing our part to protect it, and our technology is at the heart of that approach. We use the latest technology to ensure that users and providers will have a safe and secure environment to engage with each other.  Therefore, we mask all number and leave it up to you to provide each other with your real cell number. We want everyone to have a positive experience without the after taste of intrusive phone calls. 


linqrs is a Founder Gym graduate. We are committed to building a compelling company that emphasizes doing the right thing at all times. It's our goal to create a culture that is inclusive and exemplifies the diversity of the cities we serve. We are a diverse group of founders that embrace the unique differences that we all display in our personalities. Everyone can be their authentic self, and that authenticity is empowerment. By creating an environment where people can become a better version of themselves, linqrs will be a better company for our employees, the providers, and our consumers.

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