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Aren't you tired of losing money every time you don't
convert a lead into a policy?

I was, which is why I decided to do something about it. The average closing rate of insurance leads ranges from 8% to 15%. That means 90% of the time, on average, you are losing money buying leads while waiting for the one conversion that gets your money back.
Think about that.
Would you bet on sports if you knew upfront that you were going to lose 90% of the time?  You would be broke and homeless if that were to happen. 

I used to think that buying leads was so expensive. Then one day, I realized the lead itself is not expensive ($6 to $15); the losses that pile up make the leads appear to be expensive. Agents are financially penalized for not converting leads, no matter the reason. 

I figured, If I could build a company that placed emphasis on the wins and eradicated the financial penalty of the losses, the money I would save insurance agents would be mind-blowing. 

I sold insurance for several years and gained a vast, intimate knowledge of what agents go through, what they want, and what they need. 
As a founder, that helps me understand the demographic on both sides of the equation: the sellers and the buyers. I use the knowledge to shape the kind of lead generator you deserve.

Before LInqrs Pro, an agent would have to spend $1000 just to close 25 leads. With Linqrs Pro, an agent can close 25 leads for less than $50. That is a $900+ savings.

Needless to say, I have accomplished what I wanted. And that is to put more money back into the agents' pockets so that they can better protect and care for their families. Simply put, I built the lead generator I wished could have been privy to as an insurance agent. It is unique, and I really do hope it resonates with you. 

Steve Leach
Linqrs Pro



Image by Pedro Lastra
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