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Take Control of It. 

Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. linqrs Pro is a SUPPLEMENT platform that empowers you to sell insurance whenever, wherever, and however you want. No deposit needed. When you receive referrals, you will be speaking to real registered Users—real names, real information in real-time.


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A referral platform that works for you and not against you!

First, understand the difference between us and your average lead company. They take a deposit. We do not. They sell their leads to 20 agents. We do not. Their leads have wrong addresses and phone numbers. Ours do not. Their leads can be old. Our leads arrive in real-time and we show the time they arrived. 


Our platform is the combined work of some insightful engineers and former insurance agents coming together to deliver a product that is well needed.

Together, we created a supplement platform that you can add to your marketing efforts as opposed to having to replace them. By not taking any money upfront, each referral places you in the positive. You cannot lose with linqrs Pro. You can only win.

After downloading the app, choose the lines of insurance of greatest interest to you: Business, medicare, health, life, auto, and more... enjoy these and all of the other benefits of the linqrs Pro Platform.

linqrs for consumers 

linqrs Pro for professionals

Getting started with linqrs Pro 

Download the app.

Set up your free directory account. 

Choose your product and wait to be notified once a referral arrives.


What do we charge?

Everyone will have a free trial. Afterward, we take a small transaction fee of $2 to $7. It depends on the quality and the product.

What truly separates us from the pack?

  • No upfront cost

  • You can buy leads with documents attached

  • We keep your accounting on the app

  • You risk profile leads before having to pay

  • You always know how many agents you are competing against

  • You know the exact time the referral arrived

  • Only 5 agents per referral

  • Available 24/7

  • 90% of our referral has the correct information

How do the referrals arrive?

  • You get a notification and an email.

  • Open the app, and view new referral lead.

What do we show you before you buy the referral?

  • Name

  • Zipcode

  • Moving violations, claims, accidents

  • Product type

  • Coverage requested

  • Vehicles

  • Number of drivers

What do we show you after you buy the referral?

  • Email

  • Phone number(If attached. If not, you will use the app to contact the client)

Clients can opt-out of showing their real phone number to agents.

  • All Documents that are attached to the application

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Prequalify and help shoppers. 

We never sell you a referral without letting you looking at it first. 

Refer you friends, Earn free referrals.

Invite your friends to join you on the platform, and you'll both receive 3 bonus referrals. 

Log in and enjoy free, referrals. Free Trial

linqrs Pro gives you 3 free referrals to try out the product. With that , comes a free directory listing.

Compare linqrs to the rest.

Llinqrs Pro is unlike any other insurance sales opportunity. See how it compares.

Get more state licenses, get more referrals.

When you register with linqrs Pro , you get more referrals from shoppers in your licensed states. The more states you have the more referrals.

Call registered Users shopping for quotes.

Find a referral you like. Click to purchase it  Afterward, we send you the email and the phone number to contact the client. You can also hit the call button to call directly. 

Let the platform work for you.

You do not have to keep looking at your phone. When a referral arrives, we send you a notification and an email to make sure you do not miss it. 

Allow us to notify you.

You do not have to keep looking at your phone. When a referral arrives, we send you a notification and an email to make sure you do not miss  it. 


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