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A New Faster & Easier Journey for Small Businesses to get Insured 

We are an insurance solution for independent contrators, small businesses, and the businesses that are considered difficul- to-insure.


Simplify the way you find and buy insurance for your business and more.

Some say, we are the Amazon of insurance. We say, we just want to help you make easier purchasing decisions.

Explore the three ways we help you find

business insurance. 

Going though the wizard application process enables you to get insurance quotes from our select group of agents to compare prices.


Application Submission

If you want to take control and initiate quotes without agent assistance, the linqrs app places you with companies that are the best in the business in online quoting.



You get more of a personal touch when you use our directory to find the best qualified agent for you and your family. 


The Agent Directory

Are you ready to get started and never look back?

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You have a business to run. It would be best if you did not have to spend your time looking for an agent that you can trust. Give that task to us. No matter what type of business you have, the linqrs app will bring the right agents to you for comparison quotes. 

An insurance solution for High-Risk businesses

Many businesses do not fit the mold of a typical insurance company. They run into roadblocks looking for insurance because of various reasons. Our sophisticated matching algorithm connects you to agents that have the experience and expertise to handle your circumstances.

The top agents representing the best companies

and many more...

Now is a great time to start comparing prices and saving money. 

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