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You can spend days looking for an insurance broker that knows what he is doing or you can let us bring them to you in an instant. Your choice. Our agents can handle all sorts of risk from high-risk exposure to working in an office.


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Explore the three ways we help you find

business insurance. 

Use the wizard application to get instant responses from experienced agents for comparison quotes. 


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You do not want to speak to an agent? No problem. We have companies that let you quickly self-insure online.



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The Agent Directory

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All insurance experts

are not created equal.

linqrs is a network of top-tier remote professionals providing insurance for small businesses, workers compensation, commercial auto, commercial property, financial services, and excess & surplus lines for high-risk exposures. 

You have a business to run. It would be best if you did not have to spend your time looking for an agent that knows your needs and wants. Give that task to us. No matter what type of business you have, the linqrs brings you the right agent.

If you are a high-risk exposure business, there is a great chance you are overpaying or underinsured.

Many businesses do not fit the mold of a typical insurance company. They run into roadblocks looking for insurance for various reasons. Our sophisticated matching algorithm reduces your rejections by connecting you to excess and surplus line agents that have the experience and expertise to handle your circumstances. 

Your business might be hard to place or high risk if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • Owners have no prior experience

  • Owners have very little prior experience

  • High claims frequency

  • High claims severity

  • Small operations (low gross receipts or number of employees)

  • Large operations (a large number of employees or gross receipts)

  • Functions that involve a high level of risk for property damage, illness, injury or death

  • Operates in risky areas and locations

  • Has received a cancellation notice from your current carrier

  • Has received a nonrenewal notice from your current carrier

  • Has made numerous calls to other brokers or agents and been turned down

Each of the items listed above could make writing a business insurance policy a challenge, but not impossible.  Even if your business meets more than one of the factors listed above, linqrs can still match you with agents, carriers, or non-admitted companies that can provide you with the right coverage at a competitive price. And, we do all of this in a matter of minutes.

linqrs instantly connect you to excess and surplus line agents while reducing the application and processing time

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