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FAQ's/Trouble Shoot

FAQs stands for "Frequently Asked Questions." FAQs are a compilation of common questions and their corresponding answers provided to address recurring queries or concerns about Linqrs Pro.. Quick answers to your inquiries without the need for direct interaction with a support representative.

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1. How do I change my password?
Click on Profile - Edit Profile - Change social login.

2. Does Linqrs Pro have partnerships?
We are always open to positive situations where two companies unite and grow.

3. How much do your leads cost?
We do not charge individually for leads. As a subscription member, you will pay $99.99 a month.

4. What is your return policy on leads?
We do not have one. Our professionals pay one flat rate each month. If you receive a poor-quality lead, we advise you to move don't to the next one. There is no money lost on your part, only time spent. 

5. Where do we get our leads?
We market the crap out of consumers to drive them to our website to initiate applications for you to quote. 

6. How does Linqrs charge?
Our professionals pay a recurring fee to access auto leads, services, or customers regularly.

​7. What is the difference between Linqrs and other Lead generations?
The difference is that other lead generation charge you for the leads individually. This can be costly. Linqrs, on the other hand, gives you access to auto leads and charges you a recurring fee for convenience. This strategy saves you a significant amount of money. 

8. How does the system work?
It’s pretty simple. First, you register. Then, start getting notified whenever a new customer needs a quote.
And that's what we do. Linqrs Pro aids in connecting insurance agents to insurance shoppers for auto, home, life, and business quotes. The goal is to make meeting new clients easie
r, less expensive, and more convenient. We are like the middleman that provides a platform to connect and transact.

9. How are the leads delivered to the professionals?
When an insurance shopper visits and submits a quote application, we send it to our professionals through the Linqrs Pro app.

10. Do I sign a contract?
No, and no. You have the freedom to cancel anytime. 

11. How many leads do I get each month?
It depends on the state. Therefore, that number falls between 5 and 250 each month.

12. Why can't I find the lead I accepted? 
Check the "ACCEPTED" tab at the bottom of the app.

13. Why, when I click on the lead that is grayed out, nothing happens?
Once three agents accept the lead, it is no longer available.


14. I am having payment issues. What should I do? 

If you have issues inputting your credit card to sign up for a subscription plan, confirm with your card company that the payment is not being declined, or try a different credit card.


15. How do I change and update my credit card?

  1. Click the "Profile" tab 

  2. Click the "Management Payment" button

  3. Click "Change Plan."

  4. Select Plan

16. What is the NPN? Having trouble adding NPN?

In the context of insurance agents, the term "NPN" typically refers to the National Producer Number. The National Producer Number is a unique identification number assigned to insurance agents and brokers in the United States. It serves as a standardized identifier for insurance professionals and is used for tracking and regulating their activities within the insurance industry.

Trouble with NPN

1. Click Profile

2. Click Manage Lic. States

3. Click "Edit" for the State in question

4. Click "Leads"

5. You should be able to disable lead types. 


17. I am having issues getting the app to work. What should I do?

  1. Confirm that you are in a good internet location.

  2. Confirm that you have the latest app installed. If not, uninstall/reinstall and try again.

  3. Please double-check your password and Email. Sometimes we tend to use different emails for different apps. 

  4. If the problem continues, reboot your device for a sanity check. 


18. I can't seem to get the text link to open the app. What should I do? 

Depending on several factors, it's not always guaranteed that the link will open your app based on your phone model. But let's try this.

1. Uninstall linqrs pro and reinstall.

2. Reboot your device

19. How do I manage my email and text notifications?

Go to Profile - User Settings and follow the directions.

If all else fails, please get in touch with us at

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