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How do you help me find insurance?

linqrs connect you to the insurance agents for insurance quotes. Look at us as an intermediary between you and the professional agents.


How long does it take?

The process can take minutes, or it can take longer. It is dependent on how happy you are with the initial insurance quotes. Our goal is to get you five initial quotes each time you apply to our app. You can resubmit for as many insurance quotes as you like until you are satisfied.

When will I be contacted with an insurance quote?

Within seconds after you submit your insurance request. We have a group of insurance agents that are eager to serve you.

How much does it cost?

linqrs insurance agents represent hundreds of insurance carriers, with each one having variations of coverage options, pricing, discounts, and risk assessment requirements; therefore, it varies from carrier to carrier. You will have to pick a cost that works best for you and your family. The opportunity to get the best insurance rates through linqrs is more significant than anywhere else.

How does LinQRS increase my chances of getting the best prices?

We are the only platform that allows you to get as many insurance quotes as you want without experiencing intrusive, annoying phone calls afterward. 

How many insurance carriers are part of your network?

linqrs agents represent hundreds of insurance carriers from the likes of State Farm, All-State, Farmers, AAA, Hartford, National General, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Progressive, Mendota, and Travelers.

How will my information be used?

What information? We mask your cell number. The agents only see enough information to supply an insurance quote for you. 

What type of insurance quotes can I get?

You can get insurance quotes for car insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, and life insurance. We have more products coming.

How do I receive calls from the agents?

The agents will call you using his cell phone from linqrs Pro. It will show up as an unrecognizable number. But, please answer it. It is the agent calling. He can also reach you by text. Essentially, It is the same system Uber and Lyft uses. We want to protect the privacy of both parties. 

How do I stop receiving sales calls once I have obtained an insurance policy?

Easy. If you are familiar with a company called Tinder, then you should not have any problems.

Swipe-left on the specific insurance broker’s digital card, and he disappears. Your information extracts from his phone. He has no way of contacting you after that unless you gave him your contact information verbally. You can also use our "Delete" button to stop all calls from all agents quickly. 

I do not like any of the insurance quotes what should I do?

Look for the resubmit button. Once you click it, your request is sent out to a new group of agents.  

Will I get quoted from any of the same insurance agents if I resubmit my quote request?

No. Once they have had their chance, it is over. You always get new agents when you hit resubmit.  The agents that did not earn your business will not see the re-submission.

Can I save my insurance quotes?

Absolutely. It saves you much time the next time you want more insurance quotes. All you have to do is edit it.

What if I quickly need an insurance quote at an auto dealership?

If you need an insurance quote fast, be sure to express this in the “additional note” section of the application. It will engender the insurance agents to place a rush on your service. 

Can I get insurance quotes at any time of the day or night?

The app is always available for application submission. However, we can not always promise you there will be an agent available in the late hours of the night. Hopefully, someone is alert and prepared to accept your request no matter what time it is.

How long does the application process take?

Not long at all. linqrs is not trying to ask you a thousand questions. We want you in and out as soon as possible over to the agents.

After I press the "Delete" button or "Swipe Left" on an agents' digital card, can they still see my information on their phone?

Not at all.

How does the "Resubmit" button work?

If you do not like any of your initial insurance quotes, hit the "resubmit" button to get new quotes from a new set of insurance carriers and agents.

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