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Frequently asked Questions

How is linqrs different from other insurance apps?

We’ve set a high bar to make linqrs the only insurance app you will need. That means we:

  • Us and our agents offer all the top insurance companies, so you don’t have to shop anywhere else.

  • We have agents that can explain what you need to know in plain English. 

  • We have features that make your experience more seamless then anywhere else.

Shopping for insurance has not been a pleasant experience for consumers as well.

This is how we’re different:

  • We give you a choice to submit your contact info to agents. Unlike other places, you can shop freely and anonymously here. 

  • We only send your information to 5 agents at a time. There is no threat of annoying spam.

  • Our agents of licensed experts focus on great advice, not pushy sales. 


How does linqrs make money?

As a company, we get paid a transaction fee by insurance agents that accept your application. We never take money from consumers. 

We also do a great job of avoiding conflict by:

  • Being transparent: showing you all digital business cards from accepting agents, so that you will always know who is contacting you before they do. 

  • Focusing on advice: We use only the most experienced agents to help you make smart decisions about insurance. 

  • Being values-driven: For example, we could make a lot more money by selling your application to many agents, but we don’t believe that’s the right thing for most consumers. So we don’t do it.

Is linqrs licensed?

linqrs does not sell insurance. Therefore, we do not have to be licensed. Linqrs is an intermediary between the world of insurance providers and the world of consumers looking for insurance. Our job is to connect those two worlds. However, we vet and continuously regulate all of our agents to make sure their licenses maintain active status.

Is linqrs affiliated with any insurance companies?

Yes, we want to give you every option possible when you do not want to use agents to acquire insurance. However, many of our agents represent multiple insurance companies and have no bias to recommend one over another. They work with insurance companies with an A- financial rating. You can feel confident that you’re buying from a very reputable insurance company. They also work with excess and surplus lines for more complex and complicated cases. For us, it’s important that you find the right insurance policy that fits your needs. When insurance providers compete for your business, you win.

Is it cheaper to buy insurance through linqrs?

Yes. Each provider competes to offer the best product at the best price. And you win, as a consumer, by looking at the entire market (like you would do on Amazon). At linqrs, we strive to offer the top insurance companies, to make sure you get the best policy for you and save money.

How do you help me find insurance?

We are in the business of connecting, like a dating app. We connect you to the top agents in your local area for quotes. If you prefer doing everything yourself, we offer you our affiliated partners neatly compartmentalized. 


How long does it take?




















How do I receive calls from the agents?

We give you two choices. 

  • Through your real phone number (for a faster response)


  • Through the app

It is your choice. We recommend showing the agents your real number for a better experience. Plus, only five agents receive your information eliminating annoying spam. 

What if I do not like the insurance quotes?

Look for the resubmit button. Once you click it, we send your request to a new group of agents. The previous agents can not view your second application. 

Can I save my insurance quotes?

Absolutely. You save a significant amount of time on the next submission.

What if I am in a hurry and need a quick quote. 

This is not a problem. We are built for these situations.

  • Submit application, but let the agents know in the notes how urgent the request may be.

  • Locate linqrs agent directory and choose an agent of your liking to call right away.

Can I get insurance quotes at any time of the day or night?

Yes. The app is always available for application submission. However, we can not always promise you there will be an agent available in the late hours of the night. Hopefully, someone is alert and prepared to accept your request no matter what time it is.

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