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1. Does LinQRS PRO offer any discounts or special pricing for individual insurance companies?
We are working hard to implement it soon. 

2. How much do the referrals cost?
The cost will vary from product to product predicated on distance and geographical location. However, because we do not have a middle man and the referrals arrive in real-time, we can charge a lot less than our competitors.

3. How do you get the insurance referrals?
Our goal is to find the customers that want to acquire insurance through real insurance agents by marketing and advertising. 

4. What is the difference between LinQRS and other companies that supply leads?
  a. We do not require a deposit.
  b. Our referrals arrive in true real-time. The customer app and the Pro app are connected and synthesis with each other.
  c. LinQRS PRO communication is better. When you call the referrals, you are connecting to the consumer app. Therefore, they know who you are before they answer.

5. Do I have to pay upfront for the insurance referrals?
Not at all. We only charge you for what you want. After the referrals arrive, you can risk-profile it and decide to buy it in real-time or wait for the next one.

6. Do I have to sign a contract?
No. Download the app, and you are ready to get started. However, you will have to insert your NPN (Nationals Producer Number) before you can contact insurance referrals.

7. If I do not close the customer, can I save the referral's information for later solicitation? Sure, you can. We do it for you. However, the consumer does have the power to delete their information from your app at anytime if they do not want any further contact. 


8. Why would a consumer delete their referral lead from my app?
After the client obtains insurance, if they do not want any more calls, LinQRS empowers the consumers to delete all of their information from LinQRS Pro. The insurance agents will no longer be able to contact the client via the app once the deletion takes place. 

9. Why did we decide to let consumers delete their information from your LinQRS mobile app?

When we were insurance agents, we wasted countless hours chasing and calling insurance leads that no longer wanted to be sold. Therefore, we are trying to save you from all the pain of chasing referrals that are no longer available. 

10. Can I filter the referrals I receive?
Yes. We have a filtering feature located at the top of the incoming referrals page.

11. Do I have to cancel my current lead generation company to add LinQRS Pro to my marketing plan?

Absolutely not. Because we do not require a deposit, many insurance agents use us as an additional platform.

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