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Jewelry Insurance

Expensive jewelry pieces are something we all take pride in owning which is why you want protection for such a treasured asset. You can either purchase a stand-alone jewelry insurance policy from an insurance company or you can add the coverage to your homeowner’s insurance policy with a scheduled floater.

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Fine Jewelry Ins
They tailor insurance programs for many fine jewelry-related individual risks and businesses, including Personal Jewelry Collections, Antiques, Jewelry Dealers, Museums, Auction Houses, and Commercial or Corporate Collections.
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Jewelry Insurance with Better Coverage, Transparency, & Ease
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Choose GemSafe for fast and affordable coverage to meet your needs.
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Jewelry Mutual Ins
Protect your jewelry with personal jewelry insurance from the only company dedicated solely to insuring jewelry since 1913. 
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Personalized Jewelry Insurance. Give your jewelry the unique coverage it deserves. Give yourself peace of mind. Jewelry insurance through Lavalier protects what matters most.

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