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Collectible  Insurance

Collectibles Insurance provides protection for collectibles of every kind; fine -art, toys, comics, stamps, sports cards and memorabilia, guns, knives, and more.

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The masterpieces within your home are worthy of extra protection. Here’s how to make sure they’re covered.
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Collectible Ins
Your passion is collecting. Theirs is protecting.
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Saxon Insurance Brokers
A Total Home Protection warranty allows you to never worry about the high cost of repairing or replacing your home's covered appliances or mechanical systems. 
Huntington T. Block is the oldest and largest managing general underwriter of Fine Art Insurance in the United States. 
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American Collector
As an American Collectors’ customer, you can be sure your prized collection has the best coverage available. Your investment will be well-protected by a policy that has been designed especially for collectors. 
Fine Art Insurance
They tailor insurance programs for many fine art-related individual risks and businesses, including Personal Art Collections, Antiques, Art & Antiques Dealers, Museums, Auction Houses, and Commercial or Corporate Collections.
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Artwork Ins Now
Professional and General Liability Coverage Designed by Social Workers for Social Workers. 
La Playa
Fine Art Insurance: Worldwide Protection for Art Galleries & Collections

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