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Receive new clients in the palm of your hands
Direct access to new clients in all licensed states
through an app. 

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Linqrs is quick and easy to implement.

No matter where your team works, we can have your company up and running in a matter of minutes with a mobile app designed to send you quality leads

For just $9.99 a month,
you get unlimited leads from all licensed states.
One closed lead pays for the entire year.


give consumers a quick and easy platform to submit quote applications on your behalf.


experience higher closing rates. Only 3 agents are allowed to respond to each customer application. 


person that submits a quote has been sent a verification code to minimize time wasted. 


will alway appreciate great service. We want you to receive leads in all licensed states to make sure they get it.


What to expect.

You will receive two types of leads.

All verified to ensure the highest quality.

Image by Nima Mot

Leads that arrive via Linqrs CONSUMER APP

Most consumers will not go through the trouble of downloading an app, registering, and getting verified just to place a bogus lead into the system. Therefore, incoming leads, via app, project the highest quality with the most accurate information.

Image by Jenny Ueberberg

Leads that arrive via Linqrs WEBSITE

This platform is designed to get the consumers over to our licensed professionals as fast as possible. The application process is not as detailed as the consumer app. It is much faster and easier. However, we do verify the phone number to ensure the person is serious and real. 

A fantastic tool that can be used anywhere.  

Expectations have evolved, and the modern landscape demands competitive solutions that consumers won't find everywhere.

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