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Linqrs Pro

Linqrs Pro

Auto Insurance Leads


Linqrs Pro is a more affordable marketing strategy to meet and close more customers daily. The amount of money you save is mind-blowing.


Start your FREE MONTH today risk-free.
Providing Auto Insurance Leads for Nevada, California and
Texas Licence Agents

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We’re here to help you find a solution that fits your
needs and your budget.

Connect with serious
Shoppers looking for auto insurance

Stop chasing customers. Let us bring them to you. Spend your time focusing on closing deals and building relationships. We will take care of the marketing.

Stay on top of your

Demonstrate your attentiveness and expertise with consistent automated leads arriving daily from active shoppers. 

Make a great
first impression

It is easy to be at your best when you simplify your day-to-day with Linqrs Pro. Even do it on the go with our mobile app for professionals.

Keep buyers

Respond lighting fast with personalized text, notification, and email messages sent just minutes after a consumer inquiry. Only 3 agents per referral.

Our true value
to you

Your days of losing money on unresponsive, old, or non-qualified leads are over. Pay one flat monthly fee and focus only on winning. 

Cost Effectiveness

Use the thousands of dollars you save annually on other aspects of your business. Or,  go on more vacations!

Discover why agents like you choose
to work with Linqrs Pro

The national average closing ratio for insurance leads is only 10%. Therefore, 90% of the time, you waste money on leads that do not convert. This repeated process adds up to tens of thousands of lost dollars at the end of the year.

Linqrs Pro provides fresh new customer leads daily and removes the financial pressures that usually come with individually purchased leads. Unlimited customer leads to service for a very low monthly cost. 

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Reduce your cost and increase your sales


Start your FREE MONTH today risk-free.

A seamless, cost-effective mobile experience that helps you achieve your sales goals faster than ever before!

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More clients using less effort, less time, and less cost.


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Linqrs Pro is right for you if... 

1. You are not too fond of cold-calling

2. Finding new customers can be a challenge

3. You aren’t leveraging technology

4. You find marketing to be daunting and expensive

5. You need a good lead generation strategy

6. You experience financial stress buying leads

Once I started getting my first set of referrals, it was refreshing to know that this was real. For the cost, the value I am getting is so worth it.

Jennifer P

I downloaded the app, and right away I had another way to get clients.  This is cool!

Tobias K

Ever since I started using the Insurance app, my business has taken off like never before.


This is a great app. Thre is nothing like this in the market place. Cheers to Linqrs. Well done!


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