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More referrals, more new clients.

Join linqrs Pro, and take control of your productivity.


There's never been an opportunity like to this. Easily get new clients without submitting a deposit. 

Join linqrs Pro, and take control of your productivity.

Freedom is the best

Work from nearly anywhere, whenever, and as often, as you want.

Add NPN and go

After we have your NPN, it is time to help customers.

Quality referrals

Find coverage for a steady stream of qualified inbound shoppers.

More money

Earn more with commissions, guaranteed bonuses, and uncapped earnings potential.

Free support

We are here when you need us.

1 sale is all you need

If we do not ask you for a deposit, then it takes one sale to make it economically worth it. 

Get started now.


Easy signup process

Download the app

Create an account or sign in with Facebook or Google

Set up your profile and upload a quality image

Automatically get listed in our consumer directory

Wait to get notified, when referrals arrive and start earning money.

( Act fast-referrals are limited distributed - 5 agents per referral))


Valid National Producer Number(NPN)

Add as many state licenses as you can get

A high-speed internet connection and reliable smartphone

Working space and equipment that comply with HIPAA privacy and security standards

Open App

Open the app and preview referrals whenever and wherever you want. 

Start receiving referrals

As soon as you are ready, we will notify you when shoppers will need insurance.

Make a sale & get paid

Get Free Trial, buy low priced quality referrals, limited distribution and make money.

linqrs Pro experience.

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Top Questions

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What is the chargeback window?

None. Each client goes in your book of business for you to collect residuals.


Do I have to be appointed through linqrs Pro?



How many agents do I compete against on each referral?

Never more than 4.

Are there benefits?

There are no traditional benefits. Just the ones you earn. 


What if I refer linqrs Pro to other agents?

If you do, we thank you and reward you and them with additional free referrals. 

How do I get refunded for bad referrals

Easily. Send an email to stating your reasoning and how much or just hit the refund request button located on the app.


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