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 We figured out an easier way to get leads.  Built by agents, for agents. Join our large network of top insurance agents getting quality leads direct to their Linqrs PRO app.


Customers see Linqrs as an easier way to get referred to insurance agents for a more personalized experience.


To download, receive & view incoming referrals is always FREE. We collect a SMALL FEE to provide the contact information.


 You get a FREE Trial. You have nothing to lose. You get to enjoy new customers, fast delivery speed, vast selections, and a broader reach.

There are lots of services that provide leads, but they do not have the same quality and easiness of interaction as you get through people referring business to you. Increasing the frequency of referrals requires a significant effort to build confidence so that people will refer their friends to you. In addition, the traditional methods of getting referrals lack processing speed because of the variety of ways that they are received with limited information attached. Therefore, a series of clarifying questions always follow. 

The Professional App

However, our referrals are of higher quality than normal leads because they are extensively vetted. Therefore, they come at a slower pace to assure top quality and delivered to fewer professionals(3) in real-time.  We have access to a national marketplace of referrals that you will not find from your existing customer base.


Using app-based innovative technology professionals receive referrals with enough information attached to start the quoting process directly to your phone. It is easy to use, reliable, and gives agents a broader audience to increase sales.

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How to get started with Linqrs PRO

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There are no upfront costs to join our partner agent network. 

Download the Pro app 

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Pick a payment option.

Pay as you go- Pay a minimum fee to receive the contact information of the customers you would like to pursue.

Subscription- All incoming referrals are available without a charge. Enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about price.

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Your talent. Our tech.

There's a revolution going on in the insurance market, with innovative start-ups launching new solutions for every buying and selling scenario. Our goal is to present agents with the same inherent feeling they experience when receiving a referral, but, do it through technology. As a Linqrs Pro agent, you'll have access to game-changing techniques that help you reach the new generation that is now turning to mobile apps to get referred to agents. 

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  • Highlight your skills and assets

  • See incoming customer request in all licensed states. 

  • Develop trust and increase conversions. Customers choose professionals with uploaded images 72% of the time.

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Stand out from the crowd

Take advantage of the many features that help you win against other agents.
Include a professional image, a video greeting, your NPN, and attach your LinkedIn Profile.

Each time you accept an incoming customer request, we send the client your digital business card to prepare them for your call.  Customers can also locate you in the FREE agent directory. 

Don't get left behind

The pandemic has fundamentally changed how consumers expect their professional services to be delivered. They now expect instantaneous responses.  Leads turn cold when agents wait for them to be transferred from lead generators. 

Customers come to linqrs to get immediate responses from our agents. And for the agent, we do our best to mimic the referrals process instead of the lead generator process. 

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"Linqrs Pro is great for new agents that are forward-thinking and that do not have a large referral base."

Thomas Riley


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How do we compare to the traditional methods of seeking referrals? 

You:  In speaking to friends or customers, you ask them to refer your services to others.

Us: We market across the United States looking for customers that want to be referred to insurance agents.

You: You give out your business card to share with people that are referred to you. You want them to know who you are.

Us: If you click on a referral, we send them your digital business card that has your image and contact information attached.

You. There is limited competition with people that are referred to you which increases your conversion rate and profit margin.

Us: We only allow 3 agents to respond to each referral which increases your conversion rates. Our low pricing increases your margins. 

You: Referrals can come at any time of the day including weekends.

Us: Our referrals do the same.

What else:

Us: We let you know what time each referral arrives and how many agents have viewed it and responded to it.

What do you think? Do we sound like an innovative forward-thinking referral service or not? You decide.