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linqrs is a clever way to shop for insurance even for your customers. 

How about a new revenue stream to boost retention rates and add extra value to your customers? Partner with linqrs, a new startup,  to help them easily get the insurance they need.

From protecting businesses and love ones to paying off debt and growing investments, your consumers care about their finances. Let us work together to help build their financial peace of mind with insurance resources from linqrs.


Las Vegas, NV 89147

Do your readers care about their finances? Then they will care about their insurance.

Why partner with linqrs?

  • Get paid per download. 

  • Innovative cutting edge technology your readers will appreciate.

  • A solution for hard to insure businesses and products that your readers cannot find anywhere else.

  • Your readers will appreciate the complete control they have over their personal information

With linqrs, consumers can compare insurance prices with agents, choose an agent from the directory, or create a policy without agency support. When your readers are ready to shop and purchase insurance, you want them experiencing as little friction as possible. And, that is what we do best.


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9680 West Tropicana Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89147

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