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Increase your revenue by helping your readers easily get the insurance they need

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From protecting businesses and love ones to paying off debt and growing investments, your consumers care about their finances, and you do too. Let's work together to help build their financial peace of mind with insurance resources from linqrs. 

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Why partner with linqrs?

  • Alexa website global ranking - 172,000

  • Alexa website US ranking - 37,000

  • Reliable third-party reporting tool access

  • Custom-branded landing pages to increase conversion

  • An incredible mobile app designed for comparison shopping to help your readers save money

It is difficult to find a person that does not care about their finances.

With linqrs, consumers can compare and save on insurance policies. When your readers are ready to shop and purchase insurance, you want them to go to a trusted partner. 

How we’ll work together

  • Receive a customized URL to direct your readers to the linqrs app store page (Android and iOS)

  • Get paid per download and register User


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