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Finding Car Insurance Just Became Easier

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

While shopping around for car insurance, you could become stressed out, overwhelmed, and BEYOND FRUSTRATED. Starting out in life is not easy, nonetheless, the older you get you to begin to realize that you need insurance for literally everything. It all starts when you get your drivers permit at 16 years old. If you are buying a car at any age, plan on finding the most affordable car insurance without the wait! LinQRS App has the solution to the main issue, FINDING INSURANCE FAST, AFFORDABLE, CONVENIENT, and TIME EFFICIENT. Wonder how? Read below. Do you NEED car insurance? Let's explore why.

Who Needs Car Insurance?

Many millennials and generation X may not understand the importance of finding car insurance BEFORE you hit the car dealership. Make sure to do your research, becoming education is setting a responsible plan for your future. This could be from searching the web or reading blogs related to your questions.

Finally, once you go to the dealership and choose your very first car or even the car of your dreams, the first thing they will ask before you leave the lot is to obtain insurance.

Consider, “ average of 47,000 NEW CARS and trucks are SOLD EVERY DAY!. And ALL of them need Auto Insurance.” - Blog Nada

Let Us Keep You Company

Now, after spending hours and hours at the car dealership, you may get bored, even impatient at times. Playing endless boring games on your phone or even posting, scrolling and posting about your new accomplishment, WAKE UP, you still have an obligation. Thinking about all of the responsibility that will come with the new adventures and freedom ahead. Well, guess what, LinQRS has the solution for your worries!

If you are thinking of skipping out on auto insurance, it can only HURT YOU in the end and prevent you from driving that precious car off of the lot. Not only that, from car accidents to inclement weather... accidents happen. You must feel secure in your insurance and what type of plan you get through your agent. It could cause you to stress out while driving which poses a HUGE RISK. Like thinking about driving through black ice or hydroplaning because the oil is too thick on the highway. You'll need this app more than you think. LinQRS App has solved the problem. HERE IS THE SOLUTION:

LinQRS App To Be The Solution

It may seem too good to be true. An app that helps you find the most loyal agents in the automobile industry, all within ONE APP. This is our BRAND NEW, FAST, INNOVATIVE, TRUSTWORTHY, and CONVENIENT mobile Android app to create a gateway between you and the agents. Wonder how it works? Just click this link: How It Works. Not only does LinQRS App provide you with agents who take your care within minutes, but you are also utilizing the new technology of apps even to find something that always seems so complicated and overwhelming.

If you were at the car dealership, for example, buying your car and needing to obtain car insurance immediately, LinQRSApp is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No matter rain or shine, you will have agents ready to help you make every aspect more convenient and safer in your life. “If You Care, We Care,” is said often amongst our team. We are available at any CONVENIENT time for YOU because our agents care about your time! Once you submit your quote, the search is on. Once you find the agent that you choose, you will then realize how much time you’ve been wasting in the past. Enjoy LinQRS App and download it through the Google Play Store for FREE. Did I mention how much our app will simplify your hectic life?

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