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Insurance agents, walk-in traffic days are over. Now what?

There is a new world coming, and insurance agents must learn to navigate it or get left behind. Agents are now seeing their walk-in traffic and referrals decline dramatically. When I was an agent, 40% of my revenue came from walk-in traffic and referrals. That would no longer be the case amid the pandemic. Customers are now looking for new ways to hire insurance agents safely.

So, where are they going?

Many of them are turning to mobile apps. This is where the best customers can be found going forward. Therefore, expect mobile to be the catalyst for changes in consumer behavior.

The pandemic fundamentally changed how consumers source their food, from online grocery shopping to ghost kitchens. Now customers want to leverage mobile power to deliver the same experiences in seeking insurance services.

Customers demand better engagement, and they expect their experiences to be immediate and instantaneous from professionals they can trust. Gone are the days where they are willing to put their life in the hands of just anyone. Mobile is changing the nature of interactions between consumers and insurance agents.

As an insurance broker, mobility will change the way you market to, sell to, and deliver customer service. If you are open to change like many of your customers are, Linqrs Pro mobile app is a great starting point. It is a free tool for agencies that matches insurance professionals with the ideal customer and offers an entirely new distribution channel to consumers who are not online.

What about the decrease in walk-in traffic and referrals?

It's simple. You will need to expand your footprint, engage with more customers, and become more discoverable. All of this can be accomplished with Linqrs Pro. The app can drive liquidity that is not categorical dependent nor geographical dependent, giving agents a broader audience with superior engagement.

When agents download and register with Linqrs Pro, we encourage them to insert their NPN. It allows us to introduce new customers in multiple states instantly. An NPN is a licensed agent's National Producer Number that identifies each producer. It was initially created to provide a solution to privacy issues surrounding the Social Security Number. Therefore, it has no direct relationship to an agent's license or SSN. You can obtain the 10-digit number from the National Insurance Producer Registry.

There is no single license that would allow agents to sell insurance products in all 50 states. Insurance agents looking to sell insurance outside of their state would need to obtain a "non-resident insurance license" in each state where they plan to sell insurance products.

Linqrs Pro can open up a whole new revenue stream that replaces walk-in traffic. It is time to seize the opportunities that are being created by mobile devices and become more discoverable. Don't get left behind.

Steve Leach

Co-Founder / A Marketplace that matches customers to professionals.

Linqrs is available in all App Stores.


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