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Linqrs App: The New Innovative Way To Insure Your Life

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Linqrs App is a new innovative way to insure your life all at your fingertips. Linqrs App has disrupted the insurance industry by creating a platform that puts all of the control into your hands. No more scams, robocalls, or fine print. What is Linqrs App and how does it work?

What Is LinQRS App?

Linqrs is an insurance platform connecting consumers to professional providers directly. This new app gives the ability to evaluate each other before committing to working together. From pet insurance to car insurance, Linqrs has it all. Linqrs App is secure, fast, and easy to use so you can get back to experiencing life instead of worrying about it. First, you download the app from any Android device and you start shopping. It is truly as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How Does LinQRS App Work?

The first thing you do is download the FREE app from any Android device from the Google Play Store. Linqrs offers the ability to connect you with an agent depending on the type of insurance you need. That could be pet insurance, car insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance, motorcycle, auto, life insurance and much more!

  • Step One: Select the quote you are shopping for.

  • Step Two: Answer a short series of questions. The Linqrs App DOES NOT require you to give out any personal information to complete this step to ensure security and safety.

  • Step Three: Submit your quote and an agent will get back to you by sending a notification directly through the app preventing robocalls and scammers. You can view their photo as well as digital business cards.

It is as simple as that. You even have the ability to “swipe left” if you do not want the agent who contacted you and have another agent notify that they would like to work with you. Not only do the agents contact you through the app you have the ability to text, call and video chat all in one place without giving out any of your personal information. You can do this 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Linqrs App is always available and agents are waiting for submissions around the clock. If you care, WE CARE.

What features are within Linqrs App?

While using the app you will see right away how innovative this technology is. It is simple and easy to maneuver through. Linqrs puts the control into your hands by allowing you to choose who can notify you and when. In return, this stops those obnoxious robocalls at all times any day of the week.

Your phone number is confidential and does not get sold to any outside companies.

Once you are connected with an agent you can view their LinkedIn profile or introduction video direct from the app to get to know them more personally.

Once you get to the step to put in your personal information after choosing your agent, Linqrs provides an in-app safeguard feature keeping your cell phone and email address protected in order to optimize your innovative shopping experience.

Not only do you have the ability to call, text and video chat with your new agent, you can see their virtual online business card and ratings! Linqrs App has changed the game and is the BEST new innovative way to insure your life.

Download your FREE Linqrs App today to insure your future. Take back control of your choices and keep your personal information secure as well as safe. Our team cares about your life which in return will give you the most optimal experience while shopping for insurance. Say goodbye to the headache, intimidation and hesitation of finding insurance for any aspect in your life. Check out Linqrs Youtube channel for videos to help you better visualize the best and most innovative way to shop for insurance. Get control back and insure your life through the Linqrs App.

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