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Millions still think using insurance agents is better. Here's why...

While insurance technology, or insurtech, has revolutionized the insurance industry, many people still prefer to use insurance agents over automated platforms for several reasons:

  1. Personalized Service: Insurance agents provide personalized service by offering face-to-face interactions, providing advice on policies, and giving detailed information about different insurance products. This personal connection is especially important when it comes to complex insurance products or claims. Agents are available to answer questions and provide guidance through the entire process, which many people find more reassuring than working with a machine.

  2. Trust: People often build long-term relationships with their insurance agents, and trust them to provide reliable advice and recommend appropriate coverage. This level of trust can be difficult to establish with a machine, and many people prefer to work with someone they know and trust.

  3. Guidance: Insurance agents can provide guidance on the entire insurance process, from assessing risk to selecting coverage to filing claims. This guidance can be especially helpful for people who are new to the insurance market or have complex insurance needs.

  4. Complexity: Insurance policies can be complex, and many people find it challenging to navigate them on their own. Agents are experts in the insurance industry and can help people understand the nuances of different policies and coverage options.

  5. Peace of Mind: Having an insurance agent can provide people with a sense of peace of mind. They know that if they need help, their agent is just a phone call away. They also know that their agent is working to get them the best coverage and price, which can alleviate concerns about overpaying or being underinsured.

Overall, while insurtech has made significant strides in simplifying the insurance process and making it more convenient, many people still prefer to work with insurance agents who can provide a personalized experience, guidance, and peace of mind.

Linqrs is a platform that helps customers find local insurance professionals for various services. The platform offers a wide range of services, including auto, home, health and life insurance, plus more. Here are some of the ways in which Linqrs helps customers:

  1. Find Service Providers: Linqrs matches customers to local professionals who offer the services they need. Customers can quickly get quotes from several professionals representing a variety of carriers and compare prices to find the right fit.

  2. Get Quotes: The insurance professionals will then respond with quotes and additional information about their services, giving customers a better understanding of the options available to them.

  3. Hire Professionals: Once customers have selected an awesome insurance agent, they can start the process of building a strong relationship and utilize them in current or future services.

Overall, Linqrs helps customers connect with local professionals and simplify the process of working with an insurance agent for a variety of needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post written by Steven Leach. Linqrs is also available in all App Stores.

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