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The Benefits of Having Renters Insurance

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Renters insurance can be a tricky thing when choosing whether or not to have it. As a renter of a home or an apartment, you may feel that the landlord or apartment complex will take care of any damages or issues that happen within the home. That is where renters become misinformed. Let’s talk about what renter’s insurance covers and the benefits of having it. Don’t turn it down just because it sounds like another bill or money out of your pocket. The benefits and importance outweigh all of the above.

What is renters insurance?

The biggest myths about renters insurance are 1. It's unnecessary and 2. It’s too expensive. WRONG! Accidents and tragedies happen so always have insurance to cover your back. If in fact, you rent an apartment without insurance, you are taking a risk. For example, the rate of home invasions have skyrocketed throughout the years.

“There are on average 5,459 per year, an average of 8.63 per 1,000 people in the city of Las Vegas alone. Burglary, specifically, sees on average 4,974 incidents every year in Las Vegas, an average of 312.4 per 100,000 residents!” - Ariron

Considering these statistics are rising, wouldn’t you want to secure your home as well as your family? Say there is a fire or theft that left damages or losses, renter’s insurance will cover you, THE LANDLORD OR APARTMENT COMPLEX WILL NOT. That is where renters education becomes skewed.

How can you keep your home safe?

Besides the obvious, you can keep your home safe in many ways. Definitely look into renters insurance. There are many benefits! If something tragic happens, you will have the peace of mind that everything is covered and your losses will be much less. Another way that you can keep your home safe is to install cameras around your home or apartment. This will keep you covered and your mind at ease in case an intruder attempts to break into your home or car.

Also, if you have pets and you train them to do so, they will alert you when there is a problem of any sort. If you are renting a home, install a light that turns on bright if someone walks by or an alert when someone walks up to the door. In an apartment, you may be able to install a security door that you are able to see out past your screen door, so you are not opening to a stranger. That barrier may put your mind at ease. The bottom line is, there are a plethora of benefits of having renters insurance! Accidents happen. We just don’t know when. Keep you and your family safe as well.

How can you get renters insurance?

Finding insurance for anything nowadays can become exhausting and extremely time-consuming. Not anymore! There is a brand new innovative app: LinQRS Mobile App. You can submit your quote in real time and have the agents come to you! Looking for renters insurance? WE HAVE THAT! Agents are just waiting for you to submit a quote and within seconds they will respond, through the app, giving you all of the information that you may need. Simple as that! One app, one gateway to keeping your family safe. What are you waiting for? Check out LinQRS App and download it from any Android phone through the Google Play Store.

If you have ever questioned getting renters insurance, become educated about the benefits of having this type of insurance. Insure your life and live with more peace of mind. In most cases, landlords and apartment complexes will not cover damages due to burglary or fires. You work hard for what you have so why wouldn’t you protect it? Download LinQRS App TODAY and start your journey by putting your best foot forward in life.


Steve Leach

CEO and Co-Founder of linqrs mobile app, The Most Clever Way to Shop for Insurance. Former Insurance Agency Owner, College and NFL football coach.

linqrs is downloadable in the Google Play and the App Store.

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