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Use Google, get 30 calls; use linqrs app, you get...

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The internet has become a cohort of advertising trackers spying your every move. You jump on Messenger and tell a friend you can not wait for the new watermelon smelling Tide to hit Target. Suddenly, Target, Walmart, or Amazon ads are everywhere beckoning you to pre-order the Tide that smells like watermelon.

Yep, they know exactly how to manipulate you and annoy you.

Then there is the all-mighty Google, the pioneer of digital nosiness, effectively bankrolling all the possible data it can acquire about us.

Google Home knows my voice and my bathroom times. Google News knows that I am mostly interested in articles about Startups and leadership. Google Photos knows the faces of my past girlfriends, business partners, and knows that we love coffee shops. YouTube knows I am into sports and educational videos. Google Maps knows that I frequent gas stops, target, and how long I am there, and everywhere I walk. Yep! They are that good.

Knock on wood if you agree with this. Untangling ourselves from the overreach of search engines can be an enormous task. But many times, we feel, the convenience of the search engine ecosystem is an adequate trade-off. But at what point does convenience convert into creepy and poor customer experience?

That is where Linqrs, a mobile app that collects quotes via agents or matches you to agents for quotes, enters the picture. It protects information by keeping all activity inside the app. Since the advent of search engines, consumers have seen their information sold to third parties. As you would expect, those third parties annoy and persist until the user responds in some fashion. Linqrs is an optional approach to obtain insurance quotes for those that have had enough and value your privacy.

Linqrs thought-process is derived from years of experience as insurance agents. Too many times, we bought leads only to see them sold to thirty other agents. I believe it shows that the companies selling us the leads do not care about us nor the customer I am calling.

Well, people have had enough, and they are now ready to do something about it, and Linqrs wants to be there when they do.

We are not privacy experts, so I will leave the details to someone else. We are also not for everyone. Linqrs is only for the people that value their privacy. However, I have been on both sides of the equation. I was on the side buying the information and the side getting my information sold. Neither side was pleasant. I was pissing people off, or they were pissing me off.

Have we taken a step back and considered how annoying this is? I am wasting my time, and they are wasting their time. Imagine going to Target to shop, and once you left, all the other Target stores start calling you trying to coax you to chose their store the next time. You would probably stop going to Target, and yet we do not use the same values when it comes to the search engines. Use the search engine for insurance quotes; you get 30 calls. You look for insurance using Linqrs mobile app; you get as many calls as you decide that you want. And, they stop when you want them to stop.

What makes Linqrs so unique is that we are developing a platform that will replace the need to use search engines to shop for insurance and a platform that will aggressively emphasize privacy. We are not entirely there yet, but that is where we are going. See you there.

Meanwhile, Linqrs in-app communication keeps your contact information safe from other insurance companies that are lining up to get it. Linqrs also allows the insurance shopper to extract their data away from the seller. That’s right! It will merely dissipate from the Agent’s smartphone.

Choosing Linqrs to shop for insurance in the future will be one of the highest impact and yet most straightforward actions you can take. We encourage people to try out Linqrs as a new way to shop for insurance coverage and experience what it feels like to find what you're searching for without being monitored or blown up by phone calls.

So is Linqrs only doing this from the kindness of their hearts, fueled by good karma and positive vibes? How does a company like Linqrs plan to compete with the more prominent companies if they are not reselling your information to 30 other insurance agents?

It is simple. We are merely counting on you to disseminate our product. And in return, we feel that will make us winners.

Everything Linqrs has chosen to do up to this point has been for the optimization of the consumer’s experience first. Bottom line, if you use Linqrs app, you get what you came for minus the annoyance.


Steve Leach

CEO and Co-Founder of linqrs mobile app, The Most Clever Way to Shop for Insurance. Former Insurance Agency Owner, College and NFL football coach.

linqrs is downloadable in the Google Play and the App Store.

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