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You might want to reconsider how you shop for insurance after reading this.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If you are not familiar with LinQRS, let us introduce you. We are a mobile app company that empowers you to seamlessly take control of your personal contact information, without any tradeoffs. We also offer an alternative to shopping for insurance online to protect you from scamm ers, spammers, and trackers. LinQRS mobile app is completely anonymous and in line with our strict privacy policy. Each time you look for insurance using LinQRS, you are protected from intrusive phone calls.

There is just nothing on our app that can engender unwarranted spam calls back to you personally. We consider this our advantage oppose to shopping online for insurance. We have had many consumers rave about the peace of mind they encounter after their LinQRS experience. Yes, we take privacy very seriously.

While LinQRS is entirely anonymous, the other methods of shopping for insurance are not. When you search for insurance using different methods, other than LinQRS, your searches are tracked, mined and packaged up into a nice data profile for advertisers to feel as though they won the lottery. Advertisers take this data profile and utilize it for intrusive, annoying, and ever-present banner ads, telemarketing, via Google extensive ad networks, embedded across millions of sites and apps.

Unfortunately, consumers think that they can make searching for insurance using the internet into an anonymous activity using Chrome’s so-called ‘Incognito” mode or its “Do Not Track” browser settings. For the record, neither of these mechanisms protect you from the internet search tracking or its trackers on other websites. We feel it is our duty to expand a bit on these myths so that you don't have a false sense of security if you choose another method to compare insurance prices.

Many people are surprised and disappointed to learn that websites can still track you even in Chrome’s “Incognito” mode. They assume they have outsmarted the advertisers and the spammers.

Not to be a buzz killer, Chrome’s Incognito mode only prevents your browser history from being recorded on your local device. It does not offer any additional protection such as stopping the websites you visit from collecting your information and disrupting your peace of mind. It is merely a myth that Incognito mode protects your online privacy in any significant way. However, it is advantageous as an offline protector. Your movements and data can easily be tracked while using Incognito mode through “browser fingerprinting.” Each person has a unique “fingerprint” and each person has a unique “browser print”. No two people browser history are alike. Websites can look into your backyard and see everything from the IP address, version numbers of your browser, the plugins it uses, and points of browser information to create a unique ID. Incognito mode might feel secure, but specific search engines can still track your searches and send you intrusive ads across the Web using apps and websites that run ads. Imagine your search or browser history not being on your computer and the search engine still knows it. Moreover, when you get served an ad based on that “incognito” search you did recently (looking for auto insurance), it’s not so private anymore.

On the other hand, LinQRS is completely private. Plus, you still find what you need, which is an excellent insurance rate on whatever product you choose and you can eradicate the chances of continued sales calls. A two for one.

A random survey was completed on close to 6000 random Americans about Incognito mode to understand what people know and how they use this common feature. 65% of respondents reported feeling “shocked,” “duped,” “confused,” or “vulnerable” upon learning about the limitations of Incognito mode.

Many people try to avoid Facebook and Google web tracking. They turn on the “Do Not Track” browser setting. Unfortunately, because it is voluntary, Facebook and Google do not respect it.

It is not only ineffective but misleads people into feeling a false sense of privacy.

Our mission is to build a new standard of trust with consumers shopping for insurance prices. Our anonymous platform with other cool features protects your privacy while using our mobile app from outside vendors including the insurance providers. Despite increased awareness and actions people can take on privacy issues, many people still are placing their privacy at risk, or, searching for insurance on the internet with a false sense of security. We can only hope that people will become educated on the dangers of using search engines when shopping for insurance. This will help them see the real value that LinQRS brings to their everyday lives. This is our concept of what we call freedom at LinQRS.


Steve Leach

CEO and Co-Founder of linqrs mobile app, The Most Clever Way to Shop for Insurance. Former Insurance Agency Owner, College and NFL football coach.

linqrs is downloadable in the Google Play and the App Store.

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