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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Explained

Agents vs doing it yourself

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Haven Life
At Haven Life Insurance Agency, They pride themselves on offering a simple way to purchase dependable, affordable term life insurance coverage online. 
Term life insurance that’s simple and affordable
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Ladder Life
A modern way to apply for life insurance. They offer term life insurance with no commissioned sales agents or fees. They allow customers to decrease their coverage whenever they want without any hassle or fees.
Ethos has redesigned the application process from start to finish. They offer flexible coverage options, eliminate unnecessary hassles, and give you access to valuable online tools. 
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Designed with affordability in mind, Term Life Insurance offers protection for a set period of time where the premiums do not change. Available in coverage amounts of $50,000 to $500,000.
While Esurance is primarily known for offering auto and other types of vehicle insurance coverage,  the company also provides the ability for consumers to purchase life insurance.
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Sproutt Insurance
Using their technology and personal touch they find the life insurance that fits you best. They work with multiple insurance carriers so you can be sure the advice is unbiased. Fast & Easy Process. Tailored Plans For You. 
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Designed for responsible humans with kids, Fabric makes it easy to tackle your financial to-dos and help protect your family. So you can get back to tackling your monsters' swords.
Health IQ
Health IQ is the only company that combines your current health, health literacy and active lifestyle to better predict your long-term health, getting you rates up to 41% lower.
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True Blue
Accidental Death & Dismemberment: The Most Affordable Life Insurance on the Market

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