Find local insurance agents to insure this, that, and those. 

We match you with insurers that best fit your needs and budget.

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Say good bye to shopping for insurance on Google.

We’re building a one-stop-shop. You shouldn’t have to go to a bunch of different sites. We can help you find insurance in over 40 categories. 

Don't want to talk to agents? Find companies to self-insure online using linqrs mobile app.

We have companies that insure you based on how much you drive or mileage driven.

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How does linqrs work?

Download the app, it's required.

Set up your account.

Choose product. Then...

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3. Find a company to self-insure

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We connect people looking for insurance agents to insurance agents looking for clients.

It's that simple.

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5 factors that impact your car insurance rates


Bundling insurance plans like home and auto will slash your rates.

a good agent

Insurance agents can find discounts and details that you may miss.


Minimal coverage costs less, but it puts you in a precarious position.


Insurers regularly raise rates. Staying with the same company may cost you.


Your neighborhood plays a big role in the price of your premiums.

Why use linqrs?

Industry Experts

At linqrs, we've curated an elite network of insurance agents ready to tackle even the most complex insurance issues. From a simple renters policy to a private jet, our professionals can help with just about anything while giving you the best options for both your personal and business insurance needs


Unlike other companies that sell your information to 20-30 agents, which creates a great deal of annoyance and spam calls. We only show your application to 5 agents at a time. To get a new set of 5 agents, hit the resubmit button located on the app. Save all applications for easy access next time.


Sick of companies promising you privacy? With us you have options. Although we recommend sharing your real cell number with our agents for a better experience, you can also choose not to. In this case, we would assign you a temporary number to be seen by our agents. Keep in mind; your spam threat is already significantly reduced by our limited distribution. 


If a company is raising or lowering their rates, we let you know. Our notifications are built-in to help you save money on life events, such as turning 21, or companies that offer discounts that might be more suitable for your situation. 


Do you ever have a hard time quickly finding what you are looking for to Google? That will not happen with us. We strategically compartmentalized everything for your convenience. It's fast and easy.


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