How is LinQRS different?

Why you will have a better experience with us? 

What consumers say about our competitors

"My email spam has increased to sometimes 20 spam emails a day to the account address I provided. I also had to block a couple of phone solicitations since then and fear I will continue to also receive more spam calls. I do not think it is ok to advertise instant quotes, then proceed to sell my private information to spammers" Better Business Bureau

"I filled out a form on the net, but when they wanted my phone #, I exited the site and did not complete the request for an insurance quote. Since then, I get emails from them almost hourly. This is such an outrage! I did not give them permission to do this."Better Business Bureau 

How is LinQRS different?

When you use LinQRS mobile app to request a quote, everything is done through the app. Agents will contact you, but if they want your personal phone number or email, they have to ask you for it. It is not ours to give. We also limit the number of agents that can contact you all at once to 3. You can always resubmit to have more quotes from different agents. Essentially, you get the end result you were looking for but minus the headaches.


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