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Trouble Shoot

Working on phone and laptop
Working on phone and laptop

Trouble Shooting

NPN issues:
Please verify that you are using your NPN versus your general license number.

If all else fails, please get in touch with us at

Adding NPN

1. Click Profile

2. Click Manage Lic. States

3. Click "Edit" for the State in question

4. Click "Leads"

5. You should be able to disable lead types. 

Issues getting the app to work
Confirm that you are in a good internet location.

Login issues       
Confirm that you have the latest app installed. If not, uninstall/reinstall and try again.

Please double-check your password and Email. Sometimes we tend to use different emails for different apps. 
If the problem continues, reboot your device for a sanity check.
If all else fails, please get in touch with us at
Payment Issues       
If you have issues inputting your credit card to sign up for a subscription plan, confirm with your card company that the payment is not being declined, or try a different credit card.


Change and update my credit card

  1. Click the "Profile" tab 

  2. Click the "Management Payment" button

  3. Click "Change Plan."

  4. Select Plan

If all else fails, please get in touch with us at

Issues with the text link connecting to the app.

It's not always guaranteed that the link will open your app based on your phone model. But let's try this.

1. Uninstall linqrs pro and reinstall.

2. Reboot your device

How do I manage my email and text notifications?

Go to Profile - User Settings and follow the directions.

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