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linqrs is what you get when you combine everything you need to shop for insurance into one powerful app. 

We know you dislike giving out your phone number and experiencing unwanted sales calls. Therefore, we always show the agents a number that is not your real number. This is the number they will use to text and call you. After securing your new insurance, delete the number to eliminate all further calls. We must warn you, it is seriously going to hurt their feelings.

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So helpful for my career

"As a real estate agent I’m always looking for new business professionals in different areas and parts of town. I’m so thankful for this app, I was able to find a insurance agent in a different part of town. More importantly, I gave him a referral and he was able to assist my client and help her get a few Policies. I will definitely be using more of this app."

-Rae The Realtor

No one has time to filter through all the Search Engines ads to find insurance.

Linqrs helps you navigate the insurance world faster and easier. 

For those that like to compare prices with agents  

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For those that like to compare prices without agents. 

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linqrs helps you find the agent that is right for you. COVID-19 has taught us all to pay closer attention to our insurance. We vet our agents to be sure they are able to provide you with the expert knowledge you deserve. You can read reviews, ratings, profiles  and more to make a sound decision. 

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